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Replacement Parts

Models 800BP and 400BP Specifications

Models 800BP and 400BP are made of high temperature, high performance plastic.  They are similar to Models 200P and 97 respectively in function and design

Model 400BP

Capacity-gph .44

SQ. FT. Area 1,600

Unit Size 10" x 7" x 7"

Plenum Opening 6" diameter

Electrical Data 24V 60Hz, 3 watts

Model 800BP

Capacity-gph .72

SQ. FT. Area 2,600

Unit Size 13" x 7" x 10"

Plenum Opening 8" diameter

Electrical Data 24V 60Hz, 3 watts

  Also Included:

  • 24V Humidistat
  • Self Piercing Saddle Valve
  • Transformer
  • By-pass Duct
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Last Updated: 12/28/06