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Model SC-15 Specifications

An important step forward in humidifier engineering enables the SC-15 to offer easier installation and lower maintenance than any other humidifier on the market. This "Revolutionary" design reguires only one plenum hole to be cut into your duct work, most humidifiers require two. The SC-15 accomplishes this by using an air diverter on the back of the humidifier that forces the hot, dry air from the supply duct into the humidifier and across the high capacity media pad to pick up moisture and then releases that air back info the air stream to be delivered to your living area. This design also eliminates any "summer" maintenance that needs to be done by the homeowner that all other humidifiers require. Model SC-15 can be used with any forced air furnace and mounts on the warm air supply.

Capacity-gph .68

SQ. FT. Area 2,400

Unit Size 13" x l3"

Plenum Opening 11" x 11"

Electrical Data 24V 60Hz

Also Included:

  • 24V Humidistat
  • Self Piercing Saddle Valve
  • Transformer
  • Drain Tube


HOME SC-15 200P 800BP
97 250    


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Last Updated: 12/28/06